Many if not all of us wonder why we are here, what really is the purpose of our living here in a world which at times appears to not see or care that we have traveled so far to be a part of it. 

Centuries of faiths and beliefs have sought to explain our purpose.  Yet, there seems to be a disconnect with our life and life styles and the real meaning of “life” and of “soul”.   In many venues of life the word “Soul” has become a word that has to be spoken softly and almost silently out of fear – fear that one would be singled out for actually thinking we have a soul, that we are soul, that we belong to the soul that imbodies our world as well as our universe.

To say we believe in “Soul” is to say we believe in something larger than ourselves – and that involves committment, and committment has become a dirty word in itself. 

Soul, belief, committment – that is what this site is about.  Searching, seeking finding each individual’s purpose, each individual’s “Soul Intention” and its place in the greater good of life.