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I went to the gym recently and jumped on the cycle. As always, I had a book with me this day it was Thomas Moore’s, Care of the Soul. The gentlemen next to me asked, “Are you taking care of your soul.” I said, ” Of course, we always have to care for our Soul”. He began reflecting about his younger days living in San Francisco and the Italian district, the Irish district, etc,etc. How all the districts were grounded by the church, and since then there is no longer a ground for people young or old. We spoke about, soul food, soles on our shoes, and the soul found in music. He then left and I continued to read.
One week later, he came up to me and said, “I thought of another soul we missed.” I asked, “Whats that?” He said, ” The Lost Soul – that’s what I am.” I doubted him, but then again when I see the multiudes walking ever so slowly or quickly, I see that most do not even recognize that they have a soul, that they are a part of the world soul, in which we all live.