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“My life is my message” Mahmata Gandhi

How many of us can say this of our life? How many of us can say we have or even know we have a message?

What is a message? It is communication; it is the breathing in and out of our Soul in this world. Yet, is it not true that many of us are afraid of taking a full breath and exhaling to the world who we truly are within, is it not easier to hide behind the shadows of a world built on media and instant gratification or is it?

Enter – that inner voice which has a way of reminding us of our souls purpose like when you hear a song and you know that you should be singing, when you dance and you become the dance, when you touch the hand of a sick friend and you and that friend are now one in that illness. Gandhi ignored his inner voice until he could ignore it no more and in surrendering to that voice he became the voice and greatest teacher of non-violence in modern history.

We each have a message, and that message will become our life and our legacy to the world. How we choose to express that message is a decision only we can make. Whether that passion is in art, literature, medicine or simply listening to the voice of another in need – we each do have a message.

Let your LIFE be your message to the world —