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In the morning I awake to the sound of my Mother’s voice — it is soft, it is gentle, it is rain.  I stop midway between dream and physical reality to ponder my existence on this planet called Earth. 


She calls me again with the sound of the wind in the trees outside my window and I rise to meet the day that she has placed before me.    I walk to the kitchen and pour my coffee and sit to rest comfortably on the living room couch.   All that I can see, all that I have she has provided for me.    I get up and head to the shower to start my day – I stop as I always do to glance in the mirror.   There before me is an image; an image I call myself, but this too is a gift from my mother.   I can not separate myself from her I was born from her matter and when my life ends I will return this material body back to her womb.


For years we as humans closed are ears to the sounds of her voice.   The words she spoke came to be regarded as the folklore of the native peoples of the land.   With the approch of the 20th Century came the age of industry and combustion and her voice was regulated to a whisper beneath the sounds of factories, automobiles and commerce.  


There have always been a few who continued to listen for her voice and sought the shelter of isolated lands and ocean beaches.   They continued to listen throughout the 1970’s and 80’s and in the process they continued to speak out for her.    “She is sick”, they said, “She is very sick.”   Some listened but few took them seriously.  Then with the achievement of manned space shuttle flights her cry became real and science said, “She is very sick, in fact she is dying.”   Her cries were now being heard across the planet and many have taken note.   In recent years she has been given her own day –Earth Day – in a desperate outreach to the world to save her.    She is no longer just the Mother of Legends, she is no longer just the Mother of Native Peoples and tree huggers she is the Mother of All Life on this planet as we know it and without her we too shall all perish.  


It is up to all of us to listen, and do our part in her recovery.   In our awareness and enlightenment to who she is  — we will find enlightenment and awareness of ourselves.        Carl Jung wrote:


               “I am fully committed that the human existence should be rooted in the earth.”


Our physical form is rooted in the earth – in the morning ritual of various beliefs the believer arises to the day which begins with cleansing their face with water and praying of purification in their thoughts and deeds in the day before them.    This is their sacred connection to their mother the earth and their father the life force within them.    But what if that water is now black with pollution what happens to the sacredness of the ritual, what happens to our connection between father and mother?   


 We hold a great responsibility to ensure the life of our Mother; we hold a great responsibility to ensure the sacredness of our lives.