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This last weekend my husband had Bill Maher on TV in the other room.  As always I listen as when something interests me my ears tune in.   Bill was talking with his panel of quests about the news of the week, like the pope’s visit and the election and the war.   I have always been able to take his comments with a grain of salt; some I can understand and others seem just a little off the wall.  But that night I heard some words that have played upon my mind for the rest of the week.  Bill said, “I hate all religions” and after the words were spoken the audience cheered.  It was this that caused me to question his purpose and use of the word hate. 


I understand that it is his business to get a reaction from his audience or he would not have his own show or be on Larry King, or do standup in Reno and Vegas; I understand that he may firmly believe that the warring in the name of God is a horrible side effect of fundamental religious cause but to state that you hate all religion is a heavy proclamation.  To say he isolates religion would be unfair for he carries his disgust to politics equally, distributing his feelings among different parties and politicians.   But of course this is his line of work, this is now he makes his living, this is what he stands for and this is his message to those who listen.


When that audience cheered as he spoke the words, “I hate all religions” his ego was placed in the position of positive validation.  With the belief that the audience must believe the same way or they would not have cheered.   He should keep in mind that he too is also in a position of leadership, he may be not in front of a church full of people or in a hall of congressmen or in a temple in Tibet leading prayer,  but his is still in a hall of minds that are coming for communion just the same and listen to his thoughts and words.  He is now the example to be followed by his success alone and therefore holds a responsibility to the masses his influences. 


When his words moved from dislike to hatred, then hatred of every religion, and disgust for government where do you go from there?  Words written unread are silent, words written and read start to take meaning, words stated out loud take on energy- and words backed by energy can change the world; and to take it further they change the life of the reader and speaker.    A vessel for hatred has a long way to go to be placed in a state of balance, especially if the ego is filling that vessel with positive validation.   Introspection of ourselves is always good practice for our own inner peace.


Words are thoughts – written – Words are thoughts – Spoken – Words written and spoken have changed the world – Some for better – Some for worse –

The Soul is the keeper of thoughts — it gives them wings – and they become WORDS