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My earliest experience in the land of OZ was as a child in an old Midwest farmhouse surrounded by woods.  It was there in the early 1960’s that I sat with my sisters and brothers around a small black and white television with our grandmother.   It was then I stepped out of a reality of space and time and into a place called OZ.    And like OZ itself life began to unfold in front of me throughout the course of my years.


In the beginning my childhood was set in a place where like the televisions of the 1960’s  life was playing itself out in black and white.   We were poor though as a child I did not know it; I only knew that it was a remarkable thing to be growing up in a land where creatures  came out of the north woods at night and where when the wind blew trees would bow to the ground for mercy.   Like Dorothy’s Kansas there were also distant rainbows with dreams of a world filled with color and adventure.  


Somewhere in the next few years with color television I saw the real colors of OZ for the first time, and as OZ was unfolding its adventures with a green witch and a multi-colored horse so was my life.   With the new adventures also came the mixed messages from the people and places that I came into contact with.   Life laid before me a yellow brick road with signs pointing in every direction; and I did not want to miss any part of it.  There were good witches and bad witches and bad witches that turned out to be good and good witches that turned out to be bad after all.  With all this adventure I began to miss those who I loved the most and longed for the comfort of an old farmhouse.


Yes, going back home, that was always my first instinct when being headed off my flying monkey’s or isolated in a wicked castle without my dog or favorite friends.   Going home was always an option, but then I would remember that there was where it all began, back there life was still black and white which was good for me as a child, having only the choices given to me in everything from food to my beliefs, but I was no longer a child.   After living life in full color I knew I could not go home.   I had to face my demons, gather their broomsticks and return to that place within myself that always knew I had the power to overcome my life’s obstacles.  For that I have to thank the Wizard of Life for not being so easy on me and allowing me to stumble on the yellow bricks and skin my knees once or twice


Many of us face all the same obstacles; all the same monkeys and witches at our door or in our minds.  These are the challenges of  living in a land of adventures with real life experiences; but we also have Scarecrows and Tinmen and Lions that assist us and good witches that come to our rescue when needed; and let us no forget the Wizard.


For most, our lives are never the same when we leave a black and white existence, we are forever changed and with that change we have to meet the moments we are given with clear Minds, open Hearts and the Courage of our convictions knowing that our Creator placed us here with purpose and with promise of  what lies just beyond the rainbow.


carry me back to OZ
I have been away too long
my home maybe Kansas, but
OZ is where I belong

not since ’39
have I heard the Munchkins sing
the Lion he must be lonely
how I miss that cowardly King

the Tin Man must be rusted
the Scarecrow lost his mind
so, carry me back to OZ
my childhood I need to find

the Wizard he is waiting
I know I heard him call, to
free the Horse of Many Colors
shackled in his stall

the Wicked Witch does not scare me
nor monkey’s flying on the wing
good Glinda will be there to greet me
and protect me from everything

in Kansas the wind is blowing
everything still black and white
and, yes it may be my home
but let me walk that Yellow Brick Road