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If one walks with the faithful, does that make them faithful?
If one walks with the sainted, does that make them a saint?
If one walks with the wise, does that make them wise?

The Great Sufi Mystic and Poet Rumi in two of his writings may give us insight into the questions asked; in the first he speaks of man’s paradoxical situation standing between two worlds, that of his physical and biological existence and that of the realm of angels.

As humans we tend to identify ourselves with someone who is popular in our culture, faith or line of work. If we know them personally all the better, that places us in a circle of connection and recognition. We hope, as Rumi messages here, their radiance will reflect their wisdom and faith not only on us, but into us.

Man’s situation is like this: an angel’s wing was brought and tied to a donkey’s tail so that the donkey perchance might also be like the angel, thanks to the radiance of the angel’s company.

In his second writing he explains that the process of attaining wisdom and sainthood is an individual journey; a birth process that can not be completed by association but only through full participation in the process – birth pains included.

The body is like Mary, Each of us has a Jesus, but so as no pain appears, our Jesus is not born. If pain never comes, our Jesus goes back to his place of origin on the same secret path he had come, and we remain behind, deprived and without a share of him.

Each of us carries the Christ Consciousness within; it is an individual responsibility to seek that wisdom, that faith, that sainthood. Some may believe that by association we will be judged. We may receive the respect from those around us, but our own Soul is not so easily fooled. The Soul flourishes in truth —

The Soul is like Christ in the cradle “Body”
Where is the Mary that fashions our cradle?