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Jerry: “Nietz, I heard you are responsible for the quote
God is a Deadhead, is that true?”

Nietzsche: “Jerry, what I said was God is Dead, but only in the respect that
we view him in a different frame of mind then generations in the past.”

Jerry: “Nietz, could you give me an example of what you are referring too?”

Nietzsche: “ That we have lost the concept of God as divine order and sacredness. That people today, follow religion or join religious communities because of what I call the herd mentally. Like sheep following – we go along with the group, whether we really believe in where the group is going or not.”

Jerry: “Well Nietz, with that said, does that make me God, because people
followed me all over the country for years, forsaking home and family?”

Nietzsche: “Let me ask you this Jerry, are you dead?”

Jerry: “ They tell me I am.”

Nietzsche: “Then I suppose you are God, I know it’s not Elvis because he was spotted recently at Dollywood.”