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In the middle of all this rice controversy is where I choose to live.   In the Central Valley of Northern California surrounded by rice fields just east of the coastal mountains.    In fact one of the most popular bumper stickers you see around town says EAT RICE, potatoes make your butt fat.   This is rice country and this time of year the fields have been prepped and some already flooded for planting.  


In the early morning any day of the week in spring you will hear the sound of the barnstormers overhead; and if you take a quick  one minute ride out of town you will see them in full view.   Pass upon pass like bi-winged dragonflies they skim along the rice pools and send down their seed to the fertile waters.   Nature’s spectators line the waters edge undisturbed by all the commotion; then with white wings spread wide these egrets and gray herons take to the sky blessing the fields with their presence.  


This small town loves it farms, its farmers and its purpose in the world market.  Here the pickup truck is King Cab, the Border Collie or Labrador its co-pilot and its color white; to ward off the summer heat.  This is rice country, the fields will be sprouting within the next few weeks and the cycle of life begins again.


The town is quiet come Sunday morning with only the sound of its many churches, their bells, their choirs and the barbeques in the park.   But God does not rest in the rice fields come Sunday, his many hands are busy prepping, planting and nurturing the fields for harvest come fall; there is a whole world to feed out there.


This is Colusa, CA where the price of rice is willing paid everyday of the week.  Thank You Colusa.