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the rainbow of the universe
bled across my soul —
and the peak of my accomplishments –
met the valley down below
and rushing to the rivers edge,
ran quickly to the sea
replacing once my ego
with the grace of thee –


I searched for the scientific meaning behind the word Grace, but could not find one, so I searched for the scientific meaning behind the word ego and that led me to this definition in the dictionary:

Ego – Part of the mind containing consciousness
Psychoanalysis in Freudian psychology, one of three main divisions of the mind, containing consciousness and memory and involved with control, planning, and conforming to reality

My ego could not rest without a scientific explanation behind grace. Then in my driving late last night, with the Moon trying to wake itself and crawl out of its new status, I was taken by the vastness of the night sky. In those moments of contemplation I came up with this scientific definition of Grace to fill my void.

Grace – An impenetrable web
The impenetrable web or force that surrounds and protects the human soul from falling to deep within the black hole of ego.