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Why do always seem to wind up in the same place in our conscious lives when we have read every self -help book  placed the book store shelve?  For some of us we have gone as far as cataloging them according to that aspect of our life.  We have neat piles labeled, health, family, work and maybe even love.  The list is endless.     Yet, with all that reading  those same character flaws or elements of our self we are seeking to change just keep showing up and sometimes larger than before.  What are we missing?


Enter the Unconscious —


Our unconscious life, in imagery, is the iceberg that sank the Titanic.   Though the Titanic was heralded as “unsinkable” she met her match on her maiden voyage.   The Titanic, its builders and crew, metaphorically, were in denial; denial that the ship they created was greater than the vastness of the Atlantic.  We too walk around for the most part in the state of denial, we may announce  to the world we are the best at this or the best that, but when the next self-help book hits the shelve we are first in line to purchase it in hopes of figuring out what is wrong with us.  There is something not quit right, there is something missing;and in turn we find that all the self -help books and gurus are not doing the trick in helping us get off the endless wheel of our personal despairs.   That is until we begin to embrace our internal iceberg; our unconscious. 


Denial is pushing something out of your awareness.  Anything you hide in the basement has a way of burrowing under the house and showing up on the front lawn.       Howard Sasportas.


If we are truly honest with ourselves we will see that the faults we continually come up against in others are the personal faults staring back at us in the mirror; the same faults that all our self-help books are not readily revealing to us.  What we have buried deeper and deeper into our unconscious starts to show up in the words we speak and the imagery of what we surround ourselves with.  Sentences emerging from our mouths that start with  “she is”, “he is” and  “they are”, imagery in the pictures we have around us, the products we buy, the music we listen to.


So how do we stop running in circles making no headway in our life?  The process, well that is a lifetime journey, taking each day of our life and reviewing the aspects of what we are denying to face within our own being, one aspect at a time.  You may ask how do I know what I truly am denying?  I can only suggest you stop, take inventory of what you continually find fault with in others, the surroundings in which you live, at home and work, and match them up with all your self-help books and connect the dots.  The pattern you draw will reveal a picture of who you truly are and uncover some of the pieces of yourself you thought you so cleverly buried.  Amazingly, each aspect of denial we single out about ourselves and honestly embrace magically seems to disappear and makes the sailing on our life’s journey a little smoother and safer. 


Happy Sailing —