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“In a dream where the contents are visible
Where the poets and champions compose “…. Van Morrison

I have fallen in love with this line from Van Morison’s , Lady of the Slipstream –maybe that is now I view this physical as a dream where the contents are visible. It is if our souls have stepped through the veil between the Dreamtime and the physical universe.

Much like the holographic universe that physics has embraced with its multiple dimensions and universes we are passing through space and time fighting dragons and demons, falling in love with heroes and maidens in the waking hours. Then like magic our true self is allowed to wonder freely through the eternal multiplicity of the infinite by re-entering the Dreamtime for rest and redirection.

Here in the physical world, we have the chance to become the poets and champions, here we are given the choices of reaching a higher plane of thought and manifesting it in world. These are choices, the choices we make everyday during our waking hours.

“…. breathe not a word of this secrecy ….” vm

What univerises will you visit today? Where poets and champions will you meet?