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Finding out who and what we are made of – this is quite the challenge.  Being ready to face that challenge in a world of words, images and media leaves little time to quiet the mind.  The mind wanders, it rambles from the first sip of coffee in the morning to that last few lines of reading we ingest before turning off the light.  We are non-stop machines of progress- tight as slink shots seeking the target which is our own uniqueness.  

Unique what a beautiful word – like the markings on the butterfly standing out apart from the wings that give it flight – we cry to the heavens to reveal to our soul a place, a purpose in this microcosm of life that we can call ours.

–   Lord, who am I, where are you in my time of need, do you hear me, can I find you in this book, this internet site, this new latest and greatest technology?   Are you in there Lord?  If I ask will I receive.?  Will I know you any better tomorrow than I do today?  Please call or send me an email, I will check first thing in the morning for your reply to see if you heard my prayer

In our search for uniqueness and distinction we break apart, away from oneness.  The Oneness that is God, which the Dominican Monk Meister Eckhart wrote about prolifically in the late 13th century – while living in the shadow of the Inquistion and heresy, “Truly, if you were really one, you would remain one in distinctions…”  The ability to remain one with God and distinct in character can only be done by being and knowing truly who and what we are within the scope of God’s Oneness. 

In distinction you cannot find unity, nor being, nor God, nor rest, nor blessedness, nor enjoyment.  Be one, so that you can find God.  Truly, if you were really one, you would remain one even in distinctions and distinction would be one for you, and nothing at all would be in your way. 

 Meister Eckhart “The Nobleman”

The distinct spots on the butterfly will never reach their highest potential without the total oneness of the creature, its wings, its body and its soul.  Like the markings on the wing of the butterfly, we too can only find Distinction in the Oneness of all.