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O Life, life, where canst thou find thy sustenance when thou art absent from thy Life?  In such great loneliness, how dost thou occupy thyself?  What dost thou do, since all thy actions are faulty and imperfect?  Wherein dost thou find comfort, O my soul, in this stormy sea?


St.Teresa of Avila 1515-1582


 “Where in dost thou find comfort, O my soul…”  These words do not belong solely to  Teresa, she cries here not for herself but for the world. She knows that life has no fullfillment without the true wellspring of  sustenance that feeds it –which is Life itself.   It is the ebb and tide of the universal wheel that moves us forward through the storm, searching for comfort in the light of the Creator.  All to often it is instead the fog of our concealed fears, which we label imperfection, that prevents us from stirring clear of life’s unkind shorelines. Should we accept the pure light of Love – the fog clears; faults and imperfections are no longer visible to our eyes they are rendered powerless by Gods love.  It is this love that allows the compass of the heart to lead us directly to the safe harbor of the eternal World Soul. 



The sum of the parts of our nature are exemplified best when consumed as the whole; Teresa describes her vision of the mind, spirit and soul to her confessors:


They all seem the same to me, though the soul sometimes issues from itself, like a fire that is burning and has become wholly flame.  This flame rises very high above the fire, but that does not make it a different thing;  it is the same flame, which is in the fire.     

In 1962 – Teresa of Avila was made of Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church – her writings and mystical experiences are studied extensively by Catholic’s and non-Catholic’s alike. 


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