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 • In a mood of faith and hope my work goes on. A ream of fresh paper lies on my desk waiting for the next book.   I am a writer and I take up my pen to write.

Pearl S. Buck

Time passes and another day of needed tasks accomplished.  We insist on a balance of mind, body and spirit in order to take up a good night’s rest to meet the next day with the vigor that we met today.  We walk the treadmill of a planned and proper life in order to reach a visualized and calculated goal.  Should we fail, there may be no second chance.  Should we succeed we will more than likely ask, Is that all there is?

For most writers, myself included, writing is not now they make the money which they need to live their day to day treadmill life.  Most writers write simply –because-the thoughts held within can and will not stay confined.  The words flow many times simultaneously from the hand and the mouth to a scratch of paper , a notepad or back of a cashier receipt where a single word can run from one room to the next within the mind, collecting characters, plots, scenes and voice to create pages of script.  Nothing may ever come of the characters on those  pages, they may end up filed away with hundreds of other characters unknown to the world.  But, not to write would mean certain insanity, near the same insanity of not having a pencil or pen readily at hand.   For the release of words is part of fulfilling a writers purpose.  However, to approach the subject of words as worthy subjects for publication and/or platitudes would most likely lead to a rejected and deflated ego. 

All great writers have a formula for their writing style, and they carry that style with them in the course of their careers.  Since I am not a great writer, I could not recommend any said style or formula, I write solely to free my thoughts allowing my soul to have its say in who I am.