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In Buddhism one aspect of the Fourth Noble Truth (MAGGA “The Path”) that encompasses the Eighth Fold Path.  One of the eight paths to enlightenment is RIGHT MINDFULNESS.


Right Mindfulness is being diligently aware of our thoughts, feelings and the activities of our mind.   The mind being the center that sets the stage of all our relationships human and non-human in the world.   When we are in control of our actions and thoughts we are Right Minded, when we allow our emotions to control our lives and what we do we are not walking the path towards a higher consciousness.  


Let us imagine a path in front of us made of stones with each stone representing a day in our life.  When we walk the path of stones (The Eightfold Path) we are walking towards enlightenment, when we deviate off the path we step into the realms of self or ego.  Here the ego often time leads us to the mental state of self importance and destructive behavior.  When we walk the stones on the Eightfold Path our daily life’s activities lead us to self discipline, self control.and self fullfillment.


As with anything in our life the choice is ours as to which path to walk. It is easy to justify our actions, our gossiping, our, our , our everything our to the world.   The Eightfold Path is eternal it will remain whether we choose to walk it or not.  Our mindfulness will continue as long as we breathe on this earth, whether it is Right Mindfulness is of no real importance to universe’s existence-  for it will continue with or without us.  Right Mindfulness becomes important if we choose to live our life well – with self respect and respecting all life around us as being as sacred as our own.


One may conquer in battle a thousand times a thousand men, yet he is the best of conquerors who conquers himself.

The DHAMMAPADA (The Words Of Truth) – #103