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A California Department of Forestry firefighter monitors a backfireI live in Northern Cal and for the past 2 weeks the sky has been like something out of a Sci Fi movie.  Tonight the sun glowed red appearing surreal surrounded by the haze of smoke. 

In my travels down and back up on my trek to work in Sacramento today I pasted several fire crews traveling north to the several fires burning here.  One crew had American Flags flying from their trucks as they traveled north. Then on my way home I pasted 6 more fire trucks from Long Beach CA traveling north to fight these blazes.

I have to say I was taken with emotion seeing all these young men from all over the state and I assume neighboring states heading here to risk their lives battling these fires.  It made me proud both to be an American and a Californian.

All I can say is God Bless and these men and women, and thank you for serving this great and most beautiful state.