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Poetic Resurrection

I stepped onto-  now hallowed ground,

In search of bones upon to dwell

Bones still seeking to be heard,

through poetic voice,

in word transformed


My search spanned over a 100 years

I could  not find one still seeking

Not one bone, in need of contemplation

Not one bone, in need of resurrection


All the bones had taken flight

Graves robbed by poets come before

Writing  lines of life now gone

No bones left to dwell upon,

for me to free in poetic verse  

And make grave light –




In sweet regard to these empty stones

I turned my heart away 

My need for pen and ink not lifted

As noon felt dusk, now nearing

Soul and bone had long past leaving 

My eye when caught beneath a willow

Its limbs weeping –

A robin calling, now silent in her sleep

Her bones now speaking

To my bones that sought release

Through grace and ink – to look beyond

   this worldly face 

In the quiet of her silence,

she spoke of her days

Of children bore in spring and fields

Laced trees, webbed with autumn seed

Flowers transformed by wind and time

The sun she loved the world she knew 

Her wings now heavy –



My hands raised to ink her life

To pen her dreams, her song, at rest

With each word a long laid feather lifted

From her silent , breathless breast –

With each word my heart made light

Til’ through this transformation written

Together in poetic resurrection

Our bones in concert

– took flight