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She was born on the last day of August

In the first year of Eisenhower’s Presidency

Her youth filled with high ideals and conservatism

The world was hers to make perfect

She had the perfect childhood much to her own making

At 25 she had the perfect wedding

She married a handsome Sagittarius

Who was not perfect

He accepted her perfection

She began working on his

He collected books, magazines and people

They were left throughout her house and around her bed

He loved the mixture, she began to love wine

Wine tasting became her perfect hobby

Searching for that perfect bottle, that perfect year

She gave up trying to perfect him

To take her hobby more seriously

Then in 2007 he died the perfect death

After a long walk he laid down and never woke up

After the funeral she uncorked a bottle of wine

It was the perfect bottle

It was the perfect year