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It is a late August morning sipping on my third cup of coffee

my gut  says enough, but I keep drinking; lukewarm security.

Tomatoes, sweet corn, pan fried ground beef – dinner I thought,

it will be a good day, simple undefined life; the sun flakes

through the wooden blinds.  Leaves- still green, barely a movement- the light flickers,

calm in contrast to dining room overhead.

There is a tap on my left shoulder; annoying.  The produce stand, then the market after dressing, after another cup of security.

The shadowed light tells me not to ignore the tapping – I will not acknowledge it.

I have a plan, it taps again. Refusing to look – another cup of java, its not Starbuck’s, thank God, I hate Starbuck’s, I hate sameness and I hate this tapping. 

I look up at the window, words; letters fade in and out of the filtered light.

“What do you want from me”, I screamed,” leave me alone.”  They point to my shoulder, the tapping is intolerable.  I grasp my cup, the word JOY

streams across the front, surrounded by peppermint candies, a present from my sister last Christmas, it’s a Starbuck’s cup. It is empty.

Turning to the left I give in –  the words win.