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She grew up in Baltimore, raised by her mother, and her Aunt Lucy, in the section called Little Italy. She worked at Di Mimmo’s as a waitress near the corner of High and Stiles, where for five years she listened to Frank, Dean and Tony, took orders and poured wine.

Her name was Mary, her mother named her after Saint Mary Magdalene, the woman who did everything women are not supposed to do, until she met Jesus. That’s when she repented and anointed his feet with holy oil, the night before he was crucified. Her Aunt Lucy said you should always look up to your patron saint, at least that is what the priest told her before she made her first communion; and she didn’t think the rule had changed any, even with the pope not being Italian and all.

Mary never thought she would leave Baltimore, that is until her mother died of lung cancer. “She never smoked a day in her life, she was a hairdresser for Gods’ sake,” Aunt Lucy said, “It was the chemicals, I tell ya, the chemicals in the dye she used to color old ladies hair, that’s what killed your poor mother.” Mary only knew that fifty-two was too young to die.

With her mother gone, she told her Aunt Lucy, there was nothing to keep her in the city. So she loaded up her Civic with what she could call her own and moved to the northern coast of California. Humboldt County, where that girl lived in a redwood tree for two years, that’s what enticed Mary to move there. Soon after she arrived she found work at an herbal tea store and became a vegan.

She didn’t listen much to Frank or Dean or Tony anymore though she never forgot her mother, her Aunt, or the fact she was from Little Italy. But, here she figured she didn’t need a hairdresser, or a patron saint that needed repentance, so she changed her name to Infinity, but everyone called her Finn. On occasion she would walk the sand dunes, look out to the sea and ask her mother to put in a good word for her in case there really was a heaven.


bkmackenzie – copyrighted 2008