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There in the woods

There in the snow

There in a place

            where strange creatures go

Deep in the forest

Deep in the brush

Deep in the center

            far away from us

Once as a child

Once with a book

Once upon a time

            I went for a look

To my surprise

Two rabbits appeared

To kindly greet me

            which seemed rather weird

A fox with some crumpets

A weasel with some tea

A badger with a placemat

            set just for me

We dined until moonfall

We sang winters song

We danced with ice fairies

            merrily and long

Time it was to go

Time was calling me

Time to meet mother

            for my breakfast tea



copyrighted 2008

My first love was children’s poetry and fairytales — it was often in that fantasy of happiness I found solace and joy.   bkm