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The sun bowed down to the Harvest moon, on a cold October night- and the wing of Crow sought shelter as the Owls wing took flight.


The shadows of the barnyard grew tall, long and lean- when the farmers cat ran to the wood pile and let out a rancid scream.


Then silence gave voice to the beating heart , as goblins approached the door – where a skeleton hung his weary bones that carried flesh years before.


Laughing faces of the Jack -O- Lanterns welcomed the unearthly guests- to the opening of the mansion where stood the Witch who knew no rest.


Her smile long and painful seemed as if to say, “So my little friends, did you come to stay?” Yet, she held back her dark side and mumbled “ Well, my dears what could you be?”  The bigger goblin answered quickly, “I am a pirate, and this is Cinderella, my sister – she is three.”


Tricks there were none for the moment, treats filled the goblins purse – as they ran as fast as they could in fear of the Old Witches curse.


Then darkness slipped past midnight – and the Wise Gnome crawled from the woods – retracting the spell of the season – calling all spirits now to be good.


The fairies came forth from their refuge and flew to their place in the night sky-  to sparkle and watch over the sleeping goblins.


Now that Halloween has passed by –    



copyrighted 2008