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I always start at the ending.  It could be the ending of anything that has an ending, which is literally everything that is blessed with a beginning.   It is an unlikely story for most who have a bazaar tendency to begin at the begin of things that have a beginning; but these people (mind you) do more times than not – never get to the ending.  


 I choose to shield myself from that group of humans choosing instead to follow the path of white rabbits and one-handed drummers.    I came upon this trait quite early in my life not from being hit in the head, though that did happen when a rock who thought it would stop there on its course of travels to say hello, did just that, and I said “Hell oh.” 


No, No this extreme backward pleasure came upon me while visiting a woodland on the backside of the 40 acre field  (I said field – not 40 acre wood) that was the home of a wild stream of creatures who within their treasures held a bottle that could never be emptied.   These gnome-like creatures though short in stature were tall in numbers.   I say tall in numbers because they stood on each others shoulders to get the best view of what was happening below.   I could have told them just to ask the guy at the bottom of the gnome ladder since he saw what was happening below better than anyone else, especially the gnome on the very top who was much more concerned about the strength of the bottom gnome’s shoulders than what he was actually seeing from up there.   But I figured that they had to learn for their(elfs), “like the rest of us,” my father would always say.   And that reminds me why I came to the woods in the first place to find out what was there “like the rest,” of the humans who had stepped here before.  And all the gnomes shouted, “Here, Here!”


Well it is time to get back to the story at hand, which is why we are starting at the end of this story.  The Bottle That Can Not Be Emptied was filled with the endings of stories from people who never finished what they had started, so the endings had to go somewhere and that somewhere was not over the rainbow like every thought, but into the bottle that could never be emptied.   Can you believe it?  I could not at first until I asked the gnome holding up his fellow country gnomes up above.   I said, “ Sir, Gnome is this truth you are speaking here, that this flowing liquid of life from this bottle labled,  Bottle That Can Not Be Emptied is all endings to stories that will never be completed by humans?”   He said, “Yes.”  Well that was good enough for me.   I believed him and vowed never, never, never not finish something.


Later that night upon arriving at my place of abiding with the rest of my family of humans I sat and had dinner.   We talked about a lot of different subjects, but I refused to tell them of my visit in the woods behind the 40 acre field.   I did however, watch their every move and listened to their every word hoping I would find an ending; anticipating at least one of them would have an ending to convey to the rest of us.    To my gravest of fears that did not happen, and I had to make a decision right then and there.   I decided I would always and forever, begin at the end of everything I did.  With that very decision I would be certain to always end whatever I started (how very clever of me I must add.)


Within the next moments of moments I ended my dinner and ended my conversation.    I then ended my bath before drawing the water, and preparing for bed I placed my feet on my pillow and covered the tips of my hair for a good mornings sleep. I began my bedtime prayers with Amen and what an Amen it was. AMEN.



Well, I have to get to the middle of all this how, but thanks for helping me with the ending.


signed …bkm



by bkmackenzie 2008