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I fell into an inkwell

When I was barely three

I happened to be bouncing on my Nana’s knee

Bouncing, bouncing, bouncing

When she let go of me


My goodness I went flying

Up, up into the air –

Nana called to mother and they went

Scrambling everywhere


I fell into an inkwell

As downward I did turn

The hole right before me- my heart began to churn

Churning, churning, churning

What a lesson I would learn


Down into the inkwell

From up high above I went

And there within that inkwell

Many hours would soon be spent


I fell into an inkwell

I could barely swim

So I floated to the bottle’s edge searching for the rim

Searching, searching, searching

For that opening I fell in


Calling for my Nana

Seemed to be of no accord

When before me swam a manatee

Appearing rather bored


There within the inkwell

I began to look around

To my chagrin I saw so many odd characters to be found

Many, many, many

Characters all around


An old man on a boat

A fat baby on a swing

An elephant and kangaroo

Oh’ what opera they could sing


I dove down in the inkwell

To see what I could see

I saw a pirate and a maiden sitting down to English tea

Sitting, sitting, sitting

How quaint it appeared to be


Above I heard a thunder

It was my Nana’s voice

“Hold on” she cried below

“Downward a ladder I will hoist”


I fell into an inkwell

The story it is true

Rescued just by Nana’s timing before my little life was through

Timing, timing, timing

Of the ladder Nana threw


Out from the inkwell

Well I did find my way

But the many friends I made there

in “ink” we still corresponded today …….



copyrighted 2008