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drawing the shades of autumn across a Northern hemisphere

they etch the song of winter then resounded it

loud; clear – to fields barren due to harvest; October rest sets in,

reflecting now the darkening sky-where blue June and

July’s sun had reign –


they call all who listen, beyond hearing with placid

ear; and the heart becomes the bearer of an ancient call against the wind —

to trace the night sky dancing for miles without rest;  the breast

of valor beating rises to take in flight –

and the migrants of the distance

begin to haunt the night,  the migration of the wings

begin to haunt



the night; In silence I listen – the wind takes its course, and I

welcome the rain that bathes my being, as virtue bathes the soul

of a sinner whose  trial is heavy by summers sins without repent –

and the Northern lights reveal a season weeping for resolve, grace

of wing lifting to expose a holy sight, the force of wind

against my tears

healing in light– of nature


taken to rest,

taken to repose from the winter’s storm, beating within a mind.  As visual Mozart

plays across a blacken sky, concealing crystal prisms

behind a of cloud of white, winged saints; they tip a bow to a guardian

without face nor name; and give prayer for plenty given

in the season of reprieve,  give thanks

for all that is provided

under heaven’s earthy cause – now in


solace, in solitude , in this sound and sight- I set within

heart a season of my soul – a season cast in virtue

seeding for a harvest all its own, a migration

of reversal calling my lost self home,

a migration of the heart calling

the true heart home – 



copyrighted 2008


posted for One Shot Wednesday, Where Poets and Writers Meet —


this is a couple years old – but is a tribute to the snow geese that travel thousands of miles from Canada every year and winter in the refuges that surround the area where I live in Northern California….every year – we wait and are in awe of them —- bkm