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in search of love and lovers

barefoot I took step – finding only cattails

bursting ripe to seed

dancing with the wind

among the marshy reeds; yet




wet holding promise

beneath a surface swept

with patches made for lilies

since evicted by a prince favoring binding supposition

in fairing a lass’s kiss –

to want of any kingdom

counting a miser’s means,

or heeding any warning of rebuff

by the maid foreseen: it was in


haste I turned an eye

to a shadow well in form

of a toad bearing marks

once of royal tenor; and did

forthrightly blow a kiss to grace

its princely crown; quickened to send

another and take my rightful place, I found


it had settled – elsewhere

upon the stately head

of a great blue feathered heron

whose fancy claimed my heart, and in

returning the kiss I granted – my love 

I did concede; with one more kiss my offer

was my maiden bed — leaving tale

of true loves promise to those who in such a fairytale –

as a toad turning into a prince –

still choose to have





copyrighted 2008