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carry me back to OZ
I have been away too long
my home maybe Kansas, but
OZ is where I belong

not since ’39
have I heard the Munchkins sing
the Lion he must be lonely
how I miss that cowardly King

the Tin Man must be rusted
the Scarecrow lost his mind
so, carry me back to OZ
my childhood I need to find

the Wizard he is waiting
I know I heard him call, to
free the Horse of Many Colors
shackled in his stall

the Wicked Witch does not scare me
nor monkey’s flying on the wing
good Glinda will be there to greet me
and protect me from everything

in Kansas the wind is blowing
everything still black and white
and, yes it may be my home, but
let me walk that Yellow Brick Road
 tonight —


copyrighted 2008