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christmas-angel-1Heaven is a little brighter this Christmas
God has called a servant home
To help light the heavenly candles
That glorify His Magnificent Throne

We each have so many Christmas’s here
To live and love and learn
Before we are presented by Our Heavenly Father
The shining wings that we have earned

Yes, Heaven has a new angel this year
To spread the Glorious Christmas Light
Throughout a world so often filled by darkness
On that Most Holy of Holy Nights

Remember God  gathers up our tears
Creating beautiful stars from our  sorrow
Which will guide the Christmas Angels’ way
Bringing peace and joy to our tomorrows

And when our earthly time too is finally over
That special angel will be there to take our hand. and
Help us into our heavenly wings, as
Once more before God, together we shall stand

copyrighted 2008

I wrote this for my girlfriend who lost her husband on December 3rd, 2008 to a heart attack.  

To all who may have lost loved ones during this Holiday season — God’s Blessings.  Anyone is free to spread this to someone who may be experiencing sorrow during this Christmas season.     signed…………………bkmackenzie