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In a time no longer remembered

Behind a door marked Midnight

There stood a Christmas tree

Who had lost its sparkling Christmas Light


Where the Christmas Wishes were hung

But the world could not see

Belonging to all the little children

Of the Forgotten Christmas Tree


These children huddled beneath its branches 

To take shelter from cold nights  

Awaiting with wide and hopeful eyes

The return of the beautiful Christmas Light


They held tight to each others hands  

The tiny ones frightened by the dark

Making sure to stay clear of the great door

That claimed Midnight as its mark


They knew not what could lie

Beyond the darkness of the door

Only that it had been a hundred years

Since it had been opened, maybe more


Then on an extra cold and dreary night

A bitter snowy wind began to blow

And they all gathered hiding within the tree

Having no other place to go


Clinging to each others jackets

In fear they would all blow away

They tried not to be frightened

As its great branches started to sway


The tree was losing strength

And certain soon lost they all would be

They gathered up their Christmas Wishes

Looking straight to the top of the Forgotten Tree


Then each child read their Christmas Wish

Aloud, clear enough for all the world to hear

And with it sent their faith and love

To all the lost hearts whether far or near


Soon in the wind there rang a sound

From the other side of the Midnight door  

Faint then louder as it came near

And suddenly they were not frightened anymore


The children’s hearts became quiet and still

 As they listened to the sound of wings taking flight

“They are coming, they are coming,” the children cried

“They are bringing the Christmas Light”


The air grew calm, as peace filled the air

And slowly the Midnight door began to open wide

Spilling Christmas Love and Christmas Light

As a thousand angel wings carried Joyous Yule Tide


With One Little Angel taking his place

On the very top of the Forgotten Tree

Where he will remain forever for all who are lost

As a beacon of Christmas Faith, Hope and Love

For the whole world to see…                        bkmackenzie  copyrighted 2008