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Who stole my sins?

Black and round

My dear friends,

Often called upon

Who took my lies?

With need appeared

Saving me from which I feared

Long and long not knowing why

Where is my sin, where is my lie?


Who took my shadows?

Where I hid

Beneath the stones

Of solemn shame-

Who was it?

That could call a name

Known only to my darkest self

Retracted in the light of truth

Latent in a dying worth


Why not pleasure in untruths

To tell?

Who was paused to save me from

My hell? Created joyfully

By my own accord


Who was this prophet?

Who was this Lord?


Now with truth

My life takes stand

Sin unable to sell its need

No matter how or

With cause the plea


Who stole my sins?

The lust I trod

Who is this saint?


Who is this ………..God?



copyrighted 2009