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What shore holds thee?

Is it near?

What name calls thee?

Is it fear?

What house bears the dwellers name?

Is its threshold crossed with blame?


Is it the ocean you awaken to?

Is it the voice you listen for?

Is it the dwelling place of your soul?

The wind asked no more

I let it go — 


The steps we take are forever cast

Set in the lines we label past

Joy and tears of written pages

Never read but in the dreams of sages

Its nightly passage into eternity

Invisible to the awakened that claim to see –


I dreamt of an ocean filled with souls

Known only to the Lady of the Water

Held willing in her lullabies flow

effortlessly – through the ebb and tide of hereafter-


What shore holds thee?

She asked me once –

I do not know.  I answered calmly

What name calls thee?

She asked me twice –

I do not know.  I answered solemnly

What house bears your hearts name?

I do not know.  I answered – Do not ask again.


I awoke to an ocean calm by measure

I called to lady within its water –

The voice I heard was but my own

The threshold I crossed bore a name

unknowable to all who crossed for gain


The water rose 

The tide came in

My soul gave rise

to the lady therein –




copyrighted 2009