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Control freaks- we all know them.  Some of us do not have to go any further then the bathroom mirror to see one.  As a part of being a functional human being we need to have a measure of control in our lives.  A good warm feeling of what is happening with family, work and personal pleasures.  That is when we have a tendency to feel our safest and most secure, when we have control. 


However, we are not all born under the sign of Libra whose main purpose is to keep the scales of life balanced with the guidance of Venus.  In fact even some Libras’ loose it, control that is, and like the rest of us seek shelter in the comfort of the soul.


For some control becomes a curse and burden in which they bury themselves until the light of day is hardly visible; and with that the castle walls built for protection usually start cracking and tumbling down.


So, why surrender?  Why, give in?  Why, let go of all this control? It sounds so weak and helpless and vulnerable.


To truly succeed at that which you have been created to fulfill it is essential to surrender; to let go of the control that you look at as your soul’s life jacket.  Life jacket’s become straitjackets created for the sole purpose of controlling.   The spirit needs freedom to express itself, freedom with out the fears and limits we place in our lives and in our own minds.  It is up to each one of us to face our fears and cut the strings of the straitjacket we have bound ourselves in. 


Success in life is surrendering to your Soul Purpose.


Holiness —“is nothing else but a resolution made, the heroic act of a soul that surrenders to God.”   —Saint Thomas Aquinas



blessings …


signed …….bkmackenzie