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This face you wear

With masks removed

And shadows visible for what they are

Its hero befriending a distant star 

Has lines of truth

And scars well hidden

Between the lies of a given name

Who ventured to play life’s daring game

Tempting the heart, but wanting a soul


This face you wear

Has known its power

In stories tested by restless years

Its hero born of bitter sweat and sweetened tears 

The scars of truth

And lies well hidden

Between the lines of a taken name

As all who breath partake life’s game

Temptation has danced on this soul

(Temptation dances on my soul)


This face you wear

It knows truth as lies, 

Lies as roads walked in truth

Faith and fragment tried in knots

Woven into well dressed hymns

Written now as sweet repose

In lines this face has left exposed


A hero’s face left exposed



copyrighted 2009