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Do not follow me home if you do not intend on coming in

Then sit on my window sill with that wide uncertain, silly grin

Fading ,fading, fading – away

when I open the door

pretending you were not even there

just one thought before


As back to the window I clamor, running so willingly sure

To find a line or two to read between your demure, Reappearance

of a sort that Only, only, only

a teacup can produce

Along with a Hatter and a Dormouse, served

with an all to familar maddness Darting, darting, darting loose


Within a mist of Dodos and Doorknobs, Cat-er-Pillars lost to smoke

Oh, March I do wonder why a White Rabbit – should wear a Royals cloak 

As cats from Cheshire disappear just for seeming fun

And I find myself Falling, falling falling

back up a hole I do believe

I started my falling from 



copyrighted 2009