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i am dancing
tho, not fast enough
to keep to your heart
and from the start there
appears a wind, seemingly
fostering your uplifted foot
affording you height and ground

around trees bow to you
like subjects who have
long, long prepared arrival
your appearance their survival lead
with the brilliant crest you wear
i have seen before – your
display discreetly, timid

though shy you are not
in freedom released
in germinated splendor
you rise to the occasion
and draw out the spirit
of a sleepy seed
and I too bow to you
in need of innocence – remembered
September, December locked away

the meadow, long
not from dream
awakened to lark and red
breasted being – poised in state
as mate stages a lifeless twig
giving home to life forthcoming
giving hope to a cloistered soul
of dances dressed far into
long summer nights – penned
to remembrance

a memory of present
moments – sung into existence
laughed into vibrancy,
an estacy of accord with nature
her name hidden within the
trunk of majesty – turned full
while the fox takes the path unnoticed
to witness the dance
you breathe in her foot – rooting
word to the earth you cover
in Spring – then step
well away

copyrighted 2009