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The excitement of life is what makes us get up in the morning and go back to work, school, a hobby or relationship for that matter.  It is the electricity that swarms around us and makes us feel, really feel alive and that life is worth living.  The question is how do we keep that excitement going, alive and focused without our need and want of it becoming destructive like that excitement of drugs, alcohol and obsessive behavior?   Or if you are anything like me you find yourself asking is that question is that all there is or why does a certain thing or relationship not give me that spark of excitement that it used to?   For some however the sparks are there daily but in the guise of self created drama or gossip about someone else’s life because we do not know how to focus or renew that excitement in our own life.    And all this is rambling on leading me up to a single word; the word purpose and its function of becoming a Lightening Rod in our life; a lightening rod that serves as a grounding for all our energy’s into a central point.  And finding that once we have a defined and constructive purpose we are on a path to a fulfilling and productive life with a lightening rod focus that takes  this energy and transforms what had the potential of be destructive and converting it into both a powerful and constructive force. 

So I am asking what is your  lightening rod, your purpose that stabilizes all the crazy thoughts both creative and counter creative into a single point that leads you on a progressive journey?  For many it is their faith, others their family and others a personal goal to be the best at a given task.  For myself it is both faith and family especially my children, but to say I am free from all the destructive forces and thoughts would be a lie and the need of constant reminder and the need to look up at that Lightening Rod of Purpose is a daily task that helps keep me on the road to a positive life.  For life is not easy for anyone of us and many times when we hear of someone dying at a young age or someone findin g out that they are full of cancer when they worked so hard to be their best makes it all seem so senseless, but that is when we need to look to that lightening rod the most and take any negative thoughts and energy and hand them over to  be transformed into the purpose we were was born to fulfill.              signed bkm