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There was little truth in Lying Sam
yet, the whole town
thought he was
a hell’va man
He could whistle a tune
that would you cry
and had a smile so big, it
lite up the sky
And it never failed
when Sam came around
that all of the fine ladies
would flock into town
They would all beg Sam
to tell them a tale
of how only they alone were
special enough to be his sweet gal
They didn’t seem to  mind
that he had ten wives,
twenty-four children
and a lifetime of lies
For as a sweet talker
Sam was the best, and
the women would turn up their noses
to all of the rest
Nope,  there wasn’t much truth
in Lying Sam, but even
the men said he was
a hell’va man
He could rope a steer
while dancing the jig
and break a wild horse
while feeding the pigs
He could shoot like
no other man to be found
and slept with one eye open
the other facing the ground
When it came to whiskey
for Sam it had to be the finest
straight from the isle
that was home to the Irish
The wild lies he told
folks just loved to hear
causing his fame to grow thoughout
counties both far and near
And when the rumor was spread
that Ol’ Sam died
know one believed it
for they knew he had lied
Yes, there wasn’t much truth
in Lying Sam, but
the whole town agreed
he  sure was
 a Hell’va Man —
copyrighted 2009