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galloping through the collective is like practicing Zen Buddhism on twitter scaling from forum to forum, manipulated by the conglomerate of social media into belief  — just believe

U-tube can be a part of the pieces blasted, broad-casted
on a global network –
you need to chant – find that too – download it free on I-tunes,
download it free —
you shall be free, we shall overcome!!!
understand for a minimal fee charged to your designer credit card –
you will have purpose – and
win perhaps. maybe a 3 day vacation to Cancun – if  you sign up for
mobile anytime minutes; get with it –  along with
GPS to find your way to any place of worship —-
guaranteed a Starbucks no more than two blocks away;
 turn right at the next light —
lunch you say -bible verses on the bottom of your cup –
I will take a number 2 with a diet — too tweet,
tweet, tweet -I will  meet you at the end of the street –
bring your tin cup -sign
will work for “soul food” —
Larry at 6 Eastern – interviewing the Dali Lama live
or replayed at 9 if you don’t have time —
later –I have to check my blog –
no stats – rats -need a new subject –
sin sells – what the hell —
how tweet it is —
copyrighted 2009