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You know we all have our hero’s
and Garrison Keillor happens to be
one of mine —
I have often contempleted why, since
I have never met the man or even been
to one of his shows, yet I feel I know him
a little – or maybe he knows me –
being a native of  Lake Wobegon originally,
being a member of  that society of good people –
rubarb pie people –
Yes, those are my people,
who in winter identified themselves with
hand jestures because it is to cold to talk –
Strong people that work together, drink together
and pray together
then go home and talk about each other,
but all in good taste, you know –
“Did you see Margaret Hansen?  She was making
eyes at Ollie Walters, I wonder if Mrs. Walters
took notice?” 
Yes, those are my people – so when
Garrsion starts talking I feel right at home so
much so I pour a cup of coffee and pull
a frozen chocalate chip cookie out
of the freezer and quietly listen – that is
my ticket home, that is a time of reflection- 
I have thought alot about this
and I don’t think it is the red shoes
or the suit that do it for me,
no, I think not.  But, I do believe it is the manner
of speaking and the tone of his voice, yes I do believe
that is it, the thing that calls me back to listen
again and again.   It calms me that voice.
It calms me  like the vision of those
church steeples  when approaching
Lake Wobegon
knowing I will find,
 good, strong people
 waiting there.                     bkm   2009
I left Minnesota in 1971 – but like most things in our childhood the good remains – and the memories of  my Lake Wobegon life will be forever with me.