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We express our inner feelings in many different ways, a look, a touch, a gesture and when a feeling is deep and sincere, with a kiss.   When we give and open ourself up to love  in this manner we open our heart to embrace and experience the joy of living. 

Why is a kiss,  what does it mean?  So often it is only viewed as a gesture of passion and sexuality in the media and written word.  In reality it is so much more,  a universal sign among all creatures from mammals, to birds, to reptiles, a symbol of love straight from the heart.  It is in essence the highest expression of giving in all living creatures.  

The next time you give a kiss take a moment  to listen to what your heart is saying.  The next time you receive a kiss take a moment to feel how that energy touches your soul.   If that kiss is sincere it will fill that core of your being with the worlds greatest gift, Love.       bkm

Original Watercolor byStephanie M. Burgess