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everyone is old
and today’s youth doesn’t care
that Elton John was once as
outrageous as Lady Gaga
though they all seem able to relate
to Jim Morrison –
my kids informed me he experienced
some sort of mystical vision – like the  future,
or some indian guide,
maybe what he really saw was Lady Gaga;
Madonna is the older version
of Lady Gaga and there is probably
a new version that awaits
on some muses wing – taking note
or scribing notes to future songs
I wonder if she has met Jim Morrison
someone sang about a “Stairway to Heaven,”
at the time – I hope Jim found it- he could have;
I hear he tired to set the world
or the night or something on fire
that might have been frowned  upon
hope not –
I know Johnny Cash fell into a
“Ring of Fire” – but I think he was saved
by June Carter in the end –  
one theory says Jim faked his own death
in Paris, some say he never died –
my children know more about it then I do –
I never gave thought to researching the matter –
I only had the chance to live it
Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” is playing
bkmackenzie 2010