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i write in watercolor
subtle blues, the fairest yellow, sea mist green
i write the brillance of  mellon dahalias, of
white iris tipped with velvet violet wings –
my mind cultivates a garden – boasting tallest
hollyhocks of pink, and bells ringing so snowy white
that the liles start to sing; with the reds in the tulips
found purer then the bleeding hearts
bringing them to beat much  faster then true lovers
who long now have been apart –
i write a golden marigold, outlined in mellow brown, and
stems of every shade of green
that have happened from the ground.   and should i write
long enough – giving the budded roses time to bloom
the suns light will find favor as it filters through my room,
between the leaves of branches hanging
outside my window’ s  ledge and the shadows
that are setting across an antique poster bed –
blending word and ink together, with all life’s dreams
yet to come  – ‘til my garden is finally written
and in my mind is neatly hung.
bkmackenzie 2010

Posted for Jenny Matlock’s Alphabe-thursday….Rainbow’s End week…this is all colors …written in May of this year….bkm