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 Magpie Tales – 17 Entry

When I was a young girl
isolated on a Midwestern Farm
I was first introduced to a movie,
that would forever imprint my mind- 
The movie was Almost Angels
Vienna was where it took place
and knew God must realise as I did that
making me a girl was a serious mistake.
That I should have been born a boy
blessed with a voice so pure
that Vienna would come looking
for me,  a position in its choir secure….
Many years have passed since,
I have move away 
filling my life with all of  its joys – though
I have never forgotten  the voices of Vienna
Or  my thoughts of being a boy, and
there are times I still pray that if it could or ever be,
that I should come to this earth once again
that I would be blessed with the  voice 
of an angel – and sing with all of my
Choir Boy friends……
bkmackenzie 2010