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I rock the baby since Mama died
Daddy’s out in the barn
baby cries all  – seems all day long,
Tommy’s out in the field..
I rock the baby, baby wants Ma
I tell her shes gon’ away,
can’t tell her where, I don’t know
somewhere up in that blue sky, I pray
The day gets long Daddy comes home, 
there’s some cook’n and dishes to do,
Tom’s so tired his hunger wants sleep
baby wants rock’n, baby wants Ma
Daddy ain’t got much to say –
no mention of Sam bring’n mail,  offer’n
more, if I’d let him h’ve his way
told him nope, never done that
I got rock’n and cook’n to do….
I rock the baby since Mama died
don’t no when I’d be through…
bkmackenzie  2010