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Magpie 19

The year was 1942.  The city Paris, France. 

 The German occupation of France beginning in May of 1940 held the western and northern provinces of country captive. It was simple, Hitler’s regime needed to be infiltrated.  

Name:  Yvette de Fleur

Age:       22

Languages:  Fluent in French, German and Russian

Assignment:  Enter France through the southern border, move up through the country by train until she reached Paris.  There she would be met by the French Resistance they would take her to her contact in the  Paris shop Dehillerian.  The Dehilleian, was a speciality shop displaying the finest cookware and knives in France.  She would be a sister to the owner and work as a sales girl during the afternoon and early evening.  It was during those hours the German Officers would stroll through the shops looking for items to send home, and young women French women to keep them company.  

Mission:  Befriend high-ranking Nazi Officers by any necessary means.  Become close to one high-ranking officer and obtain information on  the Third Reich’s planned movments and attacks throughout Europe.  Pass that information through the French Resistance to the SOE (Special Operations Excecutive) in Britan.

Length of Duty:  As long as necessary or until cover broken.  If discovered by the Nazis the Allied Forces would do everything within its means to rescue. 

Danger:  Extremely dangerous mission, life threatening circumstances 24 hours daily.  Possibility of torture, or death.

She took her papers, her new passport, her new clothes and passed from being Emma Winters into the history books of WWII.

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