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Magpie Tales 20

She walked into the bathroom only to discover he had left his toothbrush on the sculptured ceramic shelf.  Thinking for one moment that she should run  to the window and try to catch him before he drove out of the drive, she held it in her hand and thought better of it. Then listened to the whine of his Porsche as it drove away.  Taking a second look at it she became aware of the color of its handle, it was a magnificent gold almost transparent brown like the color of his Brazilian skin which she had the pleasure of knowing the night before.  With it still in her  grasp she sat on the edge of the king size bed still unmade from their sleep and recalled the question he had asked her through his naughty Portuguese accent.

“Tell me my love, when did you first fall in love with auto-racing?’

She answered rather quickly and if she had heard this question many times, “Well let me tell you my love, that it was when I was a very little girl and watched a movie.  A French film called, A Man and a Woman.   Do you know it?” 

“Yes, very well.” he replied. “Very, well.”

That is when she  sat up in bed and lit a cigarette looking down at him and began humming the films theme song bearing the same name. He looked up at her with his large brown eyes and smiled in approval.

“You know you should not smoke, it is very bad for you,” as if she was going to really listen to him because he was so beautiful.

“I know that, and I also know, my love, that you are a race car driver and I am but a woman who adores racing and handsome race car drivers in that order.     And… and tomorrow you will be on your way to the next the track and I… I my love will be praying only victory and the best for you.”

The time had slipped away and realizing  that  was last night and this was this a new day, she stood up with confidence and walked to the bathroom placing the golden brown toothbrush next to hers in the brush holder.  Then looked in the mirror and thanked God she was a woman, and thanked God for the passion of racing and once again began humming to herself.