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then there I

stood upon a plain

void of plant and void of bird

til’ in the distance, a shadowed wing

appeared as slight, then stronger still

til’ stood before me crown of white

a mighty eagle 

wings black, black as night…


 his talon clutched a twig

of needles green and long, a pine

and dropping it upon the ground

it multiplied before my eyes, leaving forest

where plain once stood

leaving eagle screeching long then longer

  calling to the silence of the wood

calling out

 a woodland people,

 tall and dark; a woodland people

strong and good; a woodland people

calling them from their Mother

from this portal of the earth

til’  sending out a primal cry, giving thanks for this their birth

sending forth a small child bearing

with the blessed twig

in hand

 and laying it down before the eagle

giving homage to the eagle

as his wings took to  flight and left the land

 flying high above the clouds

looking down he blessed his people

sending waters, and the rain,

sending too the mighty bison and the seasons

cold and warm

then disappeared into the horizon

 christening the Dakota Nation






Note:  On this piece I would appreciate feedback – because sometimes my ear may hear it different from the reader…I plan here to write a series in tribute to my ancestors…so I want to get it right…thanks everyone..bkm